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C3D Geometric Kernel

A geometric kernel is used in software products as the component responsible for geometric model construction and constructed model control. Computer aided design systems (CAD) are the most widely known software in which geometric kernels, like C3D, are typically used.

As the software developer’s tool, C3D is today the only geometric kernel in the world that incorporates all three crucial CAD modules: 3D modeling, 3D constraint solving, and 3D file conversions.

The potential users of C3D kernel are developers of CAD, CAM, and CAE systems and related applications who process 3D models and 2D graphics. Among them are large industrial companies who often create software for internal use.

The C3D kernel enables end application developers to carry out the following functions in their software:

  • Improve the product’s functional capabilities
  • Quickly create 3D products based on existing 2D design systems
  • Greatly reduce the cost of development
  • Enhance the reliability and speed of their software products

Download the C3D Datasheet (2.64 MB)

For more information about C3D, visit c3dlabs.com

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