ASCON Group Reports Financial Results for 2013

MCAD Developer Unveils Software Roadmap

ASCON Group, developer and integrator of professional CAD/AEC/PLM software, today reported its financial results for fiscal 2013, and released a product roadmap for 2014.

2014 is a special year for ASCON as it celebrates its 25th anniversary, and do so with outstanding financial results. In 2013, the company’s revenues reached 983 million rubles (approximately US$28 million).

The company attained revenues from three sources: software developed in-house, IT-services for complex automation projects, and partner-distributed software. In 2013, the company continued developing products for the two vertical, markets most traditional for ASCON, mechanical and instrument engineering. These two represented 72% of total revenues. The fields of industrial design and civil engineering earned 24% of revenues.

New Business Approaches Don’t Change ASCON’s Priorities

The key market industries for ASCON are in the areas of defense, machinery, oil and gas, metallurgy, and centers of research and development. At the start of 2014, the number of companies using ASCON software reached 8,500.

Along with the increasing number of corporate projects, the total seats of ASCON software is also rising among end users.

KOMPAS-3D remains the company’s flagship product, gaining ever more popularity among designers and engineers. The newest version of KOMPAS-3D V15 was released on March 25, 2014.

The company plans to launch a new product, KOMPAS-Home, during 2014. This is a parametric solution for 2D and 3D design that is meant for non-commercial use among amateur designers, hobby engineers, full-time students - and anyone else interested in CAD software.

2013 Marks Launch of Mobile Apps

The year 2013 will be recorded in ASCON’s history as the year it “went mobile” as it began to move classical desktop products to mobile platforms. The company experienced great success among those interested in 3D modeling after it released the 3D game and construction app, Machinator. Some ninety thousand people around the world are now playing in this mobile game, in which the models are first created in KOMPAS-3D.

The pioneering mobile app for ASCON was the free 3D modeling app, SubDivFormer. This was a significant development as it included an Android version of the company’s C3D modeling kernel.

All ASCON apps are developed for the three most popular mobile platforms, Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.

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